This Is a Blog About Running

This is a blog about running. And me. Mostly me running, I’d say. I’m gearing up to run the Chicago Marathon on October 11, 2009, and I’d like to invite you along with me. My goal for that race is to finally qualify for the Boston Marathon. To do so, I need to run a 3:40:59 or faster.

I started running a few years ago to get better at rugby, but what I really got was hurt all the time. So finally I quit rugby and started running. And I haven’t looked back. (Turns out I’m mediocre at both, but slightly better at running.)

Chicago will be my fourth marathon (but the fifth I paid for). I’ve run each previous marathon with the goal of qualifying for Boston, though for the first race that was mostly a secret goal, hidden behind my stated on of breaking four hours. (I subsequently learned that breaking four hours is a bit of an audacious goal for a former rugger, but I did it. By more than seven minutes.)

So I’ve run three marathons and set three PRs: 3:52:11, 3:48:14, and 3:45:33. Qualifying for Boston will require taking five minutes off my fastest time.

I registered for Chicago on Monday, as the 113th Boston Marathon was wrapping up. I’d spent much of the race in my physical therapist’s office, trying to get my left hip back to working. That’s right, 171 days to the race, and I’m not currently running. I think that’s part of the excitement–I’m starting from scratch. I promise to take you along for the ride, whether I actually qualify or not.


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