My Next Race

My leg now swings freely when I walk–time to see how it handles a 16-mile run! I have to get ready for the Pacers Running Festival next week!

Kidding, kidding. I’m not going to run 30 miles this week. I’m going to do it right. But I am going to do a 5k on Friday. And one next Sunday, at the PRF. My sister said something about how a slow 5k would take about 27 minutes–yikes. I hope not. It will be interesting to see exactly how bad my fitness has gotten over the last month (the body becomes completely deconditioned in as little as four weeks). (And not that 27 minutes is a bad 5k time. Once my goal was to break 28 minutes. But my last 5k was 22:41, which was a big big PR.)

This morning I faxed my Marine Corps finisher certificate to the good folks at the Chicago Marathon. Hopefully that will get me into Corral C. According to the marathon website, start corrals are for the races fastest 12,000 finishers. That’s 12,000 out of 45,000 registrants. That puts me in the top quarter of starters, which makes me feel special.

I really like to run small 5 and 10ks because I can usually place in my age group, but marathons are almost the opposite. The bigger the race, the better my percentage looks. For example, I finished in the top 13% at MCM.

I’m not doing enough math or research to figure out whether or not this is a valid hypothesis. After Chicago (the biggest marathon in the country), I’ll do a small one and let you know if my thesis survives empirical observation. Science and running!


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