Sensible Shoes

The dark underbelly of marathon running: sensible shoes. Now, maybe you have some sort of miracle body that allows you to run 40+ miles a week and still wear high heels. Good on you. We do not have that in common. My feet get totally fucked up from running. I’m sure there are a few things I could do to help them handle the stress of running, but most of those things are either girly (pedicures, paying $$$ for shoes) or gross (sanding off my calluses myself). And I’m not very good at being girly or gross (I can’t even menstruate right).

So anyway, I have to do something about my feet, and not wearing high heels or flip flops is it. Unfortunately, if you want a sensible shoe, they are–in a cruel twist of fashion fate–pretty expensive, even when they look like shit. (See Dansko) So I compromise with semi-supportive flats to the tune of $100 a pair. But then I can only afford one or two, plus with shoes, like CDs, you always have a favorite that you wear out. So three months go by and suddenly I’ve worn out both my $100 running shoes and my $100 work shoes, and it’s time to spend hundreds of dollars all over again. Awesome. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that marathoning is cheap. “All you need is a pair of shoes,” they say. Yeah, a pair of shoes my ass.

And, as if constant shoe shopping isn’t annoying enough, Zappos had to go and insult me. I present the Liz:



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  1. Posted by itsnotlucky on May 11, 2009 at 9:34 am

    “The Liz” looks like someone paved the yellow brick road over grandma’s shoes.


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