Shut Up, Hotwire

Today Hotwire sent me an email touting the all new low prices for Chicago hotel rooms the weekend of the marathon. Of course, I’ve already booked my trip–through Hotwire. Isn’t there some way they can keep track of that and not taunt me like that? For the record I paid $530 for 4 nights and a flight. I’m staying a mile away from the start and a mile and a half away from the finish, which sounds like the perfect distance. I walked a mile and a half after my second marathon, and it really does help you recover.

(When I first finished that race I had to step up over these concrete barriers. I stood there for a few minutes trying to get my quads to cooperate, but by the end of the walk, I felt great. And then I got into the ice bath. My family still laughs at hearing my screams from the hotel room.)


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