Oh Yeah, Running Is Hard

This morning I made my triumphant return to the long run. I rolled up to meet my fellow Capital Area Runners at Roosevelt Island this morning and agreed to do 6 easy miles with a recently returning friend. So off we went, in what turned out to be stickily muggy weather. We swam through the first 3 miles, then turned around and headed home. Along the way I felt some twinges of stomach pain and got pretty thirsty, but didn’t worry too much about it, because we were only doing 6 miles.

Well, I made it home, and my body let me know that there is no such thing as “only” any distance. I got sick. Sick like I have been before. I was so sick, I had to miss kettlebell training for the second time this week!

In hindsight, I think my body was reacting to my not eating dinner last night (my allergies had me feeling really sick and incapable of swallowing), my running 6 whole miles, and the heat and humidity, which I am not conditioned to at all.

So much for my promises to take better care of myself post-run. I’ll figure this out eventually… In the meantime, Monday = swimming lessons!


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