Bridge to Somewhere

I just got back from a bike ride across the newly opened Wilson Bridge Trail. I know biking isn’t running, but it’s part of my triathlon training, and besides I sprained my ankle last week, so I really shouldn’t be running as much as I keep trying to run.

Anyway, the Wilson Bridge Trail is awesome. It’s wide and scenic–several overlooks and binoculars set up along the span–and it’s so smooth and new. Quite a departure from my usual commute along the Mt. Vernon Trail, which is anything but smooth, wide, and well-paved. (It is, however, extremely scenic. You know I love you, Mt.V.)

I came on here to heartily recommend it to everyone for a walk, run, or ride, but after reading Dr. Gridlock’s above article, I want to second the complaint about a 10mph speed limit. Do you know how slow 10mph is on a bike? That’s how fast I ride going up a 45% graded hill, and I’m a really slow cyclist. The trail is so smooth and wide that there’s plenty of room for safe passing, and there are some sweet downhills. But it was crowded when I was there, so I used appropriate caution. And according to my boyfriend, Garmin, I still averaged about 13mph. In other words, riding leisurely and responsibly, I was still traveling 30% over the posted speed limit.

Do they plan to enforce that speed limit? I realize that cyclists can be jerks. I’ve experienced this as both a runner and a rider. But 10mph is an outrageous punishment for most of us who do nothing wrong. There’s not a lot more to say, other than I hope they reconsider this limit and that I never get caught speeding. In the meantime, do still go check out the trail. Go for the novelty, stay for the fine amenities and view.


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