Marking Time

I’m killing the last 20 minutes before my vacation officially starts! I’m headed to Carolina Beach and Wilmington, NC, for 10 days. I. Cannot. Wait.

In exciting training news, I’m officially back to the track after a minor ankle mishap. I tried going back to the track once, but rolled my ankle stepping down from the entrance. Don’t ask me what happened. But now I’m back and running 400s as fast as I ever have (miles are another story). Very encouraging.

In annoying training news, I messed up my bike on the ride home the other day. I heard a pop and pulled off to fix my flat tire, only to find that the tire wasn’t flat. So I started riding again, but something was definitely off. I made it home, but my wheel looked like it was out of true.

Now, I have the best intentions when it comes to learning bicycle maintenance. I fully intend to someday be able to fix my bike. But I can’t yet. And I was afraid to practice on a wheel that was as messed up as mine was. But I’m leaving for vacay tomorrow, so there wasn’t really time to get my bike fixed.

But the good folks at Wheel Nuts (shop locally!) have totally come through for me. I asked them yesterday if they could true a wheel by Friday morning, and they said yes. Of course it turns out that I had broken a spoke and popped my tire after all (why didn’t it leak air??? What did I hit??), so it was a much bigger job than I thought. But the bike is ready! I can go pick it up now and take it to NC and continue my triathlon training as if nothing ever happened. So I guess that’s some good training news after all, except for the $40 repair price tag.


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