No News is Good News

By which I mean, everything is really great, so there’s no need to blog. I went out last week and got some new shoes from my genius coach George. He just started working at Road Runner Sports, and he’s kind of in love with their treadmill camera. So he insisted on giving me the whole workover. And he concluded that I have been running in the completely wrong shoes. For five years.

George says I’m only a mild pronator, but my shoes, the Adrenalines, are for heavy pronators. He put me in Saucony Guides instead. Now, I’ve had a long, very serious love affair with the Adrenalines. I’ve run every marathon in them. I have a huge bag of them waiting to go get recycled.

Exhibit A of my Brooks devotion

Exhibit A of my Brooks devotion

And that’s just from one marathon season. Wes wears them. Katie wears them. I love them.

But the Sauconys are just so much softer. And after a week of wearing them, I have to say it’s been a little like a running miracle. I’m back to running at full speed (though this gorgeous weather helps), and my little pains are gone. My major pains are considerably minimized.

For so long I’ve hurt so badly, and I thought that was what distance running did to you. But I don’t have to live like that anymore. Are there still going to be days when I run myself too hard and end up curled up in the fetal position with cramps or crawling back and forth to the toilet? Yes. (Like last Saturday, my first long run in the new shoes.) But here’s hoping that the constant foot, ankle, knee, and hip pain has lightened up for good. Running is awesome!


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