Countown to Tri

According to the Steelman* website, there are only 17 days until my first triathlon! The thing about distance events is that, to people who don’t exercise, you’ll garner as much respect doing a sprint tri as doing a marathon despite the fact that they have a totally different workload.

For example, if you’re me doing the sprint distance, your life (well ok, my life) doesn’t really have to change at all. You just throw some swimming in when you used to be running. And in DC in the summer–even this summer, when it’s been absolutely delightful weather-wise–swimming is a refreshing treat** whereas running is an exhausting, humidity-filled slog.  So cheers to the tri.

Of course, there is the Ironman* distance, which is a marathon on top of a buttload of swimming and biking. I’m guessing that when I do one of those, my life will probably change.

What’s the point of all this? Quantity blog posts, not quality.

*Why you gotta be so sexist, triathlons?

**Swimming is not only fun. It often results in negative side effects that range from snorting pool water to headaches to drowning. I’m not buying all this bullshit from former swimmers “Oh, running is so hard!” Yeah, running is kind of hard, but when you get tired you walk. When I get tired swimming (which the human body was NOT designed to do) I drown.


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