Day Three: The Pity Party Continues

(I have no excuse not to update every day, even if nothing is happening.)

Sat on the couch again today. It’s nice. Blue. Has fuzzies all over it from my old pillow. Buying new pillows is near the top of my to-do list once I get better.

I keep waiting for the things the ER doc said would happen to happen. They told me I’d wake up from a nap on Saturday and be really sore, but that it was important that I keep walking. Well, guess what, medical professionals, I didn’t really take a nap on Saturday, I didn’t wake up sore, and I still can’t walk. Seriously, I’m not really that sore, except when I put more than 75% of my body weight on my left foot. But that is a significant improvement. I don’t have to lean completely on my crutches anymore. If I can get down to one crutch, I might go back to work. But I’m going to bring two crutches so people let me have a seat on the train or bus.

Oh, and for the record, people in DC kind of suck. Yesterday when I ventured out for my useless doctor’s appointment, no one helped me do anything. People in the elevator barely moved out of my way. Whereas in real Virginia, people were falling all over themselves to help me. I noticed that they were exceptionally nice; I just hadn’t noticed before that people around here are exceptionally dicks. (When I moved here to go to college, I thought people were really friendly though. What kind of monsters must live in Pennsylvania?)


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