Day Four: Return to Civilization

Last night I had a real pity party that turned out to be a ton of fun, though there was some grumbling about my total Taboo dominance. But as I explained, only one person fell off her bike this weekend–it’s not a coincidence that her favorite game is Tabool.

Anyway, today I returned to work, where I got a lot more pity, which is always nice. I spent the day tooling around on one crutch, which is a good idea until your leg starts to hurt. Wes drove me in this morning (best. boyfriend. ever.) but I was on my own getting home. And it started to rain. And I was using both crutches, so no umbrella for me.

But I managed to crutch-sprint to catch my bus, and then I went to get on and the fucking bus driver didn’t lower the bus. I had to walk out into the street and then hop up there. And of course in my haste to not inconvenience the actually nice DC (well I guess Alexandria residents) people behind me, I took like two steps on my bad leg, which resulted in much pain and cursing. The bus driver didn’t even blink. Just another glorious ride on the 11Y, which, if I haven’t put in print before, is like a taste of what the rings of hell will be like here on earth. And you only have to pay $3 each time you want to experience it.

So now I’m home and icing (George would be proud) and waiting for Wes to come home and bring me dinner (seriously–best. boyfriend. ever). Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Hopefully some non-crutch-assisted steps!


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