It’s Alive!

I took some steps today! Short, stilted, limpy steps, but steps nonetheless.

Tonight my crutches, my boyfriend and I are headed to the runningbrooke kickoff party. I’m lucky enough to train with runningbrooke (well, in the same location at the same time as her. She’s way ahead of me), and she invited us all over to her place for some bbq and socializing by her pool. Oh, and she lives in probably the most gorgeous house in Alexandria. I’m excited to go.

Runningbrooke is going to run a marathon on all 7 continents and one in all 50 states, and she’s going to participate in 5 world marathon majors to raise money for the Alexandria Community Trust. She’s kind of bad ass. You can read about her win! at the Easter Island marathon on her blog.

And after that, it’s off to celebrate another running friend’s birthday with some Buzz cake. Then, tomorrow morning I’ll be meeting a fellow injured runner for some pool running and swimming. Did I mention I train with the best group of people? (They also have really good taste in music.)


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