Weekend Update

Well, this weekend I officially graduated to limping. I don’t use the crutches around the house, which I think is probably a bad idea, because I’m not so much walking as hopping around on my left foot. That can’t be good for my poor muscles. I look more like Igor than some sort of lean, mean, running machine. (Yes, I am very much aware of the fact that what was once my greatest triathlon strength may now be the thing that keeps me from doing it at all. If I’m still limping at the end of this week, then it will have to be a no go. I’ll sacrifice myself to some extent, but I’m not a total idiot.) I’m going to try to get in to see my chiropractor on Wednesday to see if competing is an option. The tri offers awards for brutal, gut-wrenching performances, so I think I might just qualify…

Anyway, the good news, besides the walking, is that I got in some exercise this weekend too. I met my friend for some aqua jogging yesterday at the new Washington and Lee pool. Lovely space, lots of lanes. I’m not the greatest aqua jogger in the world, I think my arms got a better workout than my legs did, but it’s a start.

Afterward, we swam some laps, and I had a run in with some crazy girl who literally hopped into my half of the lane and started swimming. The guy in the other half of the lane “conveniently” didn’t see her, so I had to stand there for a while wondering wtf was going on, and then I had to ask him to please start swimming in a circle. And keep my fingers crossed that Crazy would follow our lead. The guy was like “I only have on lap left,” which I thought meant “cool out,” but he did start swimming in a circle. Then they both got out, but so did I.

Then today the clouds parted long enough for me to get my 400-yard swim in. The bad news: my leg doesn’t totally kick. It’s slowing down my swimming, and it makes breathing on the left even harder than it usually is. The good news: the slowed pace means that I can keep my breath more easily. I did a lot less resting between laps, which resulted in a time of 11:25 for the workout. I did the equivalent of slowing down but forgoing walk breaks today in the pool, which I think is a good idea when it comes to swimming what with the whole drowning and all.

More bad news: I missed Dog Days because of today’s rain and general leg-tiredness. But, good news: I’m going to take a bath now, and I’ll be able to finish and return my library book before incurring a fine. It’s all in how you look at it, people.


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