Tri, Tri Again

Seeing as I can’t seem to find another triathlon that won’t mess up my run at the Chicago Marathon, I’ve found the next best thing. The DC Tri Club is putting on a training tri on Aug. 22, and I’m signed up.

It’s a 400-meter pool swim, so I’m golden, and by then I’ll have some biking back under my belt. Fingers crossed I’ll be running again by then, too. Though today I took an abs class at the gym and did some exercises that required balancing on my bad leg. Slowly but surely, slowly but surely.

I have to say though, I much prefer these blunt-force trauma injuries to my overuse injury. With this injury there has been marked, measurable, fast improvement, as opposed to before, when I just hurt all the time but couldn’t really pinpoint anything that was wrong.

Tomorrow: back to the pool for some aquajogging and laps.


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  1. […] be back out there. As the website reminds me, 58 days until the Chicago Marathon. Oh yeah, and a mini tri next weekend. Leave a Comment No Comments Yet so far Leave a comment RSS feed for comments on this post. […]


  2. […] DNF’d my first triathlon, a race I should never have started. And I just kept signing up for more races, trying to force my body into recovery. It kind of worked. I got some races in there, got my 5k […]


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