I’m Back–Updates

A few weeks ago, I got a comment from Dorothy Beal of the delightful blog Mile Posts. I don’t know Dorothy, even though it appears that she runs at least sometimes with CAR, but I hope to meet her someday because she is my new hero. She went from a 3:59 marathon to well under the Boston qualifying standard in ONE marathon. In case you didn’t know, I’ve struggled for the past two and still come away 5 minutes short. And then I fell off my fucking bike and am going to miss Chicago.

So that’s the first update. I wasn’t able to run for 6 full weeks after falling, a time period that’s not only long enough to completely decondition someone, but also coincided perfectly with what should have been my hardest training. So there’s that.

But the second update is that I am running again! I did a 5k last weekend (race report to come), and I’m signed up for a 10k this weekend. I didn’t mean to register for the 10k, but now I’m glad I did.

I think that’s all that’s happened to me in the last month that you need to read about right now. If you want a real running blog, go read Mile Posts. There are even pictures there and a corresponding Facebook page. That’s how it’s done, people.


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  1. Thank you for your sweet words!! You can totally get that BQ 🙂 You just have to believe in yourself – I promise it’s mind over matter!


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