The Worst Reporter Ever

Oh yeah, Sammy Wanjiru ran the fastest marathon on American soil at the Chicago Marathon. I probably should have mentioned that at some point. I saw the elite men come through a few times, but I got to the finish line about 2 minutes after he did, so I didn’t even see the big finish.

In my defense, however, I’m pretty sure that I wrote a blog about the race in Chicago that got lost in cyberspace as the paid time on my computer expired. Next time I’ll just pony up the $3 to make sure it goes through.

In personal news, I ran 10 miles yesterday! In the pouring, almost freezing rain. Two people I met were completely confused as to why I was out there. “Are you running Marine Corps?” they asked.

“No,” I said.

“So you’re here for fun???” The multiple question marks were evident in their voices. There may have been an exclamation point in there, too.

Not exactly. I was out there because my entire week had been building up to that run. There are only 8 weeks until the Tucson half marathon, and while I don’t expect to PR there, I do hope to run well. So 10 miles in the rain it is. Of course I ran a little fast (averaged 8:50 per mile) and spent the rest of the day limping, but I’m better today.

Now I’m off to Target for some bras and candy. My two favorite things.


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