Turbo Fuel

Tonight I thought I’d try out Lululemon‘s run club, and I convinced Katie to join me. Well, the guest elite marathoner gave us a reluctant little pep talk at the beginning about how important food and hydration is for running, and I still didn’t get it. Then we started out on the run, and the rest of the “slow” 3-mile group exploded, and I still didn’t get it. Then my legs turned to led, and I realized that oh yeah, all I’d eaten since 1 was a bag of sour cream and cheddar Ruffles, aka, the most substantive food the vending machine in my office offered.

Now, I probably wouldn’t have run with the group anyway–they were flying, and after my run this weekend, I was looking to run really easy. So Katie and I did our own little run. But I did stop for a brief power fuel surge. Katie had brought me some pumpkin cookies, so we stopped so I could eat one. And I finished the run successfully!

I was so excited that I rode my bike home to blog about it. I’m going to go eat my lentil soup now, though. I’m feeling lightheaded. Nutrition!


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