Lululemon Loves Runners

And we love them. Well, I don’t love love them, because their running clothes are so tight and small and expensive, but if I were a smaller, richer girl, I’d own more than a single shirt and pair of capris (which, when worn together, comprise my most expensive outfit, including my prom dresses (not adjusted for inflation)).
Since I got a little play from mentioning Lululemon in a blog post that wasn’t really about them, I thought I’d return the favor and talk up their big running party.

Tomorrow night, Lululemon in Logan Circle, head out for another crazy-fast easy run, this time with elite runner Dane Rauschenberg, then come back to the store for a par-tay (yes, I know what year it is). Meet new Pacers bad-ass Julie Culley! See this girl I have an internet relationship with and find out if she recognizes me in person!

Seriously, all running-based activities are fun for me, and this one sounds like no exception. I will be there–so I guess I could also advertise that you could meet me (please don’t murder and/or stalk me).


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