Race for World Peace 5k

First of all, I would just like to thank you all for reading my blog and thereby supporting my cause, which is world peace.

I chose this race because a friend from high school wanted to come to DC to run a 5k. I told her she should come Marine Corps weekend, and bada bing, this was one of two races on the Saturday of MCM that took place on the campus of my alma mater. The other race, a 5k at American U, was actually the very first race I ever ran, back in 2002. I believe I finished in 30:13 on an extremely hilly course. But given the choice between AU’s campus and GW’s for a visitor, I had to go with GW.

The bad of the race? I lost my fucking sunglasses. Somehow they fell off my hat without my noticing and now some rich GW undergrad is probably tooling around in a relatively new pair of Natives. Well, joke’s on you; the vents at the top don’t really block the sun, and I still have all the interchangeable lenses! I found a potential replacement pair, but as I said, the vents at the top don’t really block the sun…

The good: an even 8-minute pace (well, a 7:35 first mile, then 16:26 for the next two) for a 24:50 finish, which isn’t that far off from my glory running days and came on a muggy, 70-degree morning, an 8th out of 88 in my age group finish, my picture on the front of the Washington Running Report website* (as you know),  running into some friends, and beauty queens. And not just any beauty queens–beauty queens who seemed to have no idea how hilarious it was (to me, at least) to stand up on a podium and say things like (such as) “Thank you all for coming out to support my cause, which is world peace.” Yes, we’re all just doing our part. I’ll keep running road races, and you keep looking pretty, and before you know it, ta-daaaaaaa, world peace will be realized. Just ask the Nobel Prize committee. (I feel bad making this joke after seeing the search results for “Obama peace prize.” Geez, people, he didn’t award himself the prize!)

And, at the risk of sounding like my brother, there was some lady there doing the announcing–from reading the race report, I believe she might be a DC social scene blogger–which would explain why I don’t know who she is–but she had a hell of a time stringing together a sentence. I wish I could imitate her mangling of the English language and all rules of grammar, but my brain does not allow me to process things like that. If you want an example, I suggest reading the race report itself, which makes absolutely no sense to me, and I was there. (Kathy and Rick, call me!)

Oh, what? You want to hear about the race itself? Well, it was pretty good. Small and informal, but overall well organized and chip-timed. There was no two-mile marker that I saw, but there were two water stops, which was fantastic on such a muggy day, and the course martials were all friendly and enthusiastic. The course provided a light challenge; it started downhill, then rolled a bit from there before we headed back up the big hill from the mall to Pennsylvania Ave. The race offered $1,000 to the first-place man and woman, and it offered some outstanding door prizes, including a hotel stay, dinner, and Kennedy Center ticket package. I didn’t stay for the world peace festival because it started pouring, but next year, if it’s sunny, it could be a great day.

*My picture is already down. Fame is fleeting. But, wait, oh my god, my son! He’s floating away in a balloon! Someone help!


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