Congrats to all NY Marathon finishers! And special congratulations to Meb Keflezighi, who became the first American to win the race in 27 years! And to Derartu Tulu who pulled out a win at the age of 37, giving me hope that my best marathoning years are still ahead of me.

As for me, I almost let some perfect running weather pass me by, but managed to squeak in an 8-mile run tonight to cap off a 25-mile week–my highest per week mileage since my accident.

For 5 of my 8 miles, I listened to music. I’m thinking a lot about making a marathon pep playlist, so I thought I should start keeping track of the music I like to run to. So here’s a quick list of the songs I got through, with asterisks next to the keepers and probably some editorial comment.

1. Charmer, Kings of Leon*

2. Lonely Road, Mason Jennings*

3. Wake Up Alone, Amy Winehouse, suprisingly *

4. April Fools, Rufus Wainwright*, I’m partial to songs that I know the words to

5. I Want You, The Kooks, I love the Kooks, but I can’t really remember what this sounded like

6. Lost in Space, Aimee Mann* I was rolling kinda slow then, and Aimee was there to help me out

7. Follow Through, Hotel Lights,* A little slow, but again I know the words

8. Paper Planes, M.I.A.*, gunshots are so rhythmic

9. Song for the Dumped, Ben Folds Five, I’m torn on this one

10. Portions for Foxes, Rilo Kiley*, hell yeah

11. Jackie Big Tits, The Kooks*, I didn’t know that was the name of this song

12. I Am a Train, Hotel Lights*

13. We are Nowhere and It’s Now, Bright Eyes, slow, but I was wrapping it up

14. Prison Food, Ben Folds, I hate new Ben Folds

15. Poor Boy, Blind Pilot, I love Blind Pilot, but this one was slow.


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