I Can Read: My Life on the Run

Bart Yasso‘s My Life on the Run could just has easily have been called Bart’s Excellent Adventures. Which was a much better joke when I was planning it out in my mind.

Anyway, Bart Yasso is a Character, and like the man, the book is engaging and delightful. Yes, there are regular asides about the attractiveness of women, which always drive me crazy. But Yasso at least extends his comments to men occasionally, so I’ll give him some benefit of the doubt and say that he’s being descriptive rather than sexist.

What are these adventures, you might ask? Well, Yasso has to give a report on Socrates, or “So-crates” as he calls him and … still not funny?

Yasso runs the Badwater ultra marathon, a 146-mile race in July in Death Valley. He runs a 5k at a nudist colony, which is secretly on my life list–my friend told me that she did one topless–what is it with people from the LV?

He runs the Rome marathon the day after he gets married; he conquers Lyme Disease twice; he craves the attention of his father (just like us regular folk!); he notches his only marathon win at age 43 (there’s still hope!); and, most importantly, he has a fantastic time doing it.

Call me a Tuesdays with Morrie kind of sucker, but I like stories written by enthusiastic, affable people doing crazy things and enjoying themselves. (I also like love stories where people die at the end so you can experience the full range of human emotion.)


Ok, maybe your title is better.


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