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I’m back.

Last weekend I made an impromptu trip to the great state of North Carolina, where, for the next few years at least, they have a Democratic governor. (“Not for long!” my resident friends shouted when I extolled their state as a relative bastion of progressive ideals.)

Wes and I found a 5k to run, so that I’d be sure to get some mileage in over the weekend. “Did you remember your running shoes?” I asked him as we left the house. Yes, he was wearing them. I, however, left mine on the living room floor.

Luckily, my Chicago Lunarglides came to the rescue! They carried me to a 24:07, 4th in my age group finish! My 5k PR hovered around the 24:00 mark for years before I finally ran a 22:44 last Thanksgiving, so I’m going to take this as a return to form. And that course was HILLY. I wheezed up the final hill, trying to hold my 7:30 pace. Which is kind of ironic, given the fact that the race was called “Free to Breathe” and was in support of lung cancer research.

For such a small race, it was very well run, and the pizza at the end was delicious. But it was a beautiful day for a run, and there was lots of positive energy. Most folks were there to walk, but about 300 of us ran up and down up and down and up NC State’s Centennial Campus. I wouldn’t drive to Raleigh just to do it, but if I’m there again, I wouldn’t hesitate. But damn, that town is hilly. (I ran their inaugural City of Oaks Half Marathon, and it remains the hardest course I have ever run.)


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  1. […] races, trying to force my body into recovery. It kind of worked. I got some races in there, got my 5k down to about 24 minutes, where it had hovered for years before my break through in 2008, and my 10k to 50, and I started […]


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