Veterans Day 10k

Picture 1Check out my ghetto screen shot. I’m good with macs.

The Veterans Day 10k was this morning in the golden autumn sunshine on the lovely Hains Point in DC. When I left my house, the Weather Channel (old school) said it was 45 degrees, but it felt warmer when I finally got to the race. I spent last night celebrating my parents’ wedding anniversary in style at the Columbia Firehouse, and I must have had a little bit too much to drink, because I thought I would have enough time to wake up at 7:10 and make it to an 8 am race with limited parking in DC. And I didn’t even have my packet yet. But I did it. I pretty much went the bathroom and ran out the door and then had a nice naked warm up from the car. (I kid, obvs. I got dressed.)

Anyway, I’ve done this race once before, and it was another gorgeous day like this one. Katie came in third in her age group that day and won a door prize, but every year since then it’s been cold and rainy (it is November after all), and I didn’t regret not running. But I signed up this year right after I started running again, and the sun decided to come out. I like to think it was welcoming me back.

I ran this course last year for the Jingle All the Way 10k in December and ran a huge 10k PR at 46:51. That’s a 7:32 pace. That was only my second 10k under 50 minutes. My previous PR was 49:29.

Today I thought I’d go out at 8:30 for the first mile and see how I felt, but I felt pretty good, so I let that drop to about an 8:18. The first mile was short, so I went through that one in 8:10, but I got to the second mile after about 8:25, so I’ll say I ran 8:17. Then 8:13, 8:04 (and I started to really hurt), 8:07, and 7:47. I don’t know where that last mile came from–I was dying. But I did manage to catch two women who blew past me. Then with about a half mile left a woman cut me off–literally jumped right in front of me–for no reason I could discern. I almost clipped her heels, but there was no one around us. She just needed to run on the left side of the road? Anyway, I ran around her and yelled, “I’m right here!” which probably didnt’ make any sense to her. And from there I was so terrified that she’d pass me that I just let that carry me across the finish line. I also thought I might be able to squeeze in under 50:00, which would have been insane, given the fact that I’ve only ever run two 10ks at that pace.

I gave it all I had, wheezing and chugging to the end–what’s up with the wheezing–I need to get my lungs back in shape, because obvs. my legs are. I came in at 50:24, which would have been a good 10k for me two years ago. And considering that I haven’t trained–one track workout does not count as training–I’ll say I’m happy.

Congrats to my fellow CARs on their fine finishes. George made me tell someone who ran under 40 minutes that I almost puked trying to come in under 50. But I guess that’s the beauty of CAR–room for everyone.


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  1. Congrats on your time!! Maybe we will meet one day 🙂 I ran today too and really liked the course. Will you be doing the Jingle Bell race too?!?!


  2. […] 5k down to about 24 minutes, where it had hovered for years before my break through in 2008, and my 10k to 50, and I started upping my mileage and doing track workouts again, but it was pretty rough […]


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