In Which I Run a 7:45 Mile and Buy New Shoes

How’s it been going you ask? Not good. Work last week was a special kind of nightmare–the kind in which editorial emergencies actually exist. I made up that word to make fun of people wanting their stuff turned around quickly, and last week was one editorial emergency after another. I guess a better description of editorial emergencies is someone else messing up something somehow and then having me clean it up–in 10 minutes! What? The document you made 800 copies of before I saw it had a typo in the first sentence? I’m shocked. Shocked, I tell you.

Anyway, work stress and 10-hour work days are not good for my morale, my sleep patterns, or my running. So last week my running kind of took a nose dive. That wasn’t helped by the fact that I think my shoes are shot. And then when I went to get some (nothing spells instant motivation like new running shoes), they were out of them at Road Runner Sports–where I only go because George made me buy a VIP membership right before he quit, even though the place is like half an hour from my house. So those sneakers are coming special order from RRS HQ, but in the meantime I really need shoes because my legs hurt. So I went to Pacers, where I should have gone in the first place and got the hook up. Yes, I paid a little bit more, but the guy at Pacers discussed this history of the Brooks Adrenalines with me. (I wore those shoes for 5 years before switching to the Saucony Guide in July.) The guy at RRS had a hard time discussing the word hello with me.

Adrenalines were invented for walking 15 miles, uphill in the snow, both ways to get to school.

Anyway, I now have new sneakers here and on the way to my house. Hopefully I’ll be able to use them to train for the National Marathon, if my legs ever stop bothering me.

Hey, cheerleader, how you lookin'?

Last night I got sent home from the track after running a 7:45 mile. That’s right. I was too pathetic to work out. Ok, that’s not entirely true. I did run a 7:45 mile, which really was as fast as I could go (I should have been running about 7:15 or faster). But I think that happened because I went to my weights class, and we used the Bosu ball, which totally wipes me out every time. Someday I’ll learn that it makes more sense to just wake up and go to the track in the morning, but that someday probably won’t be anytime during the winter. Running slow is bad for my ego, but I can usually gut it out, but last night my legs were really bothering me, so after a 1:47 400 (ugh), I started limping on the recovery and decided to call it a night. Fingers crossed the new shoes heal all wounds. I’m racing on Saturday 🙂


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  1. Oh noooo who helped you at RRS?!?! You should always ask for my mom 😉 (Lesley) Glad your shoes arrived!


  2. Posted by itsnotlucky on November 29, 2009 at 7:32 pm

    That pile of Adrenalines looks like an M.C. Escher drawing.


  3. I won’t say his name, but George assured me that he was an outlier. Lesley wasn’t there, but Dan straightened everything out. RRS is just really far from my house, so to drive all that way and have to jump through all those hoops for my shoes was frustrating. But now I have two pairs and can switch them out–just like a real runner!


  4. […] What to buy? What to buy? I already have two new pairs of running shoes–even though I have since decided that I want to start wearing Lunarglides to […]


  5. […] I was in some major denial after that. I DNF’d my first triathlon, a race I should never have started. And I just kept signing up for more races, trying to force my body into recovery. It kind of worked. I got some races in there, got my 5k down to about 24 minutes, where it had hovered for years before my break through in 2008, and my 10k to 50, and I started upping my mileage and doing track workouts again, but it was pretty rough going. […]


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