Quakertown 5k Race Report

Ok, so about a month ago I ran a 5k, and it was very exciting. It was a race in my hometown that benefits Habitat for Humanity. Last year I set my PR at this race, so I was eager to go back and see what I could do. I figured my 3 workouts had to be paying off.

I wasn’t disappointed. Even though I’m still over-weight and under-trained, I ran my second fastest 5k ever (it helps when you’ve always been a terrible 5k runner) in 23:33, good for 3rd in my age group. As he handed me my medal, race director extraordinaire Bill Tusynski pointed out that I get a medal every year. “Why do you think I keep coming back?” I asked, only half joking 😉

But the big news of the race isn’t me or even Katie or Wes, who also ran (sorry, guys). Last year I talked my whole family into doing the race, hoping to get my dad inspired. I failed miserably; he was not at all stoked to be the last dude across the finish line. It’s sad because he’s always been a walker, but he’s never been one for feeling embarrassed. But my mom shocked us all. Well, she came in last place. But she then won some sessions with a nutritionist and went on to start walking regularly and lose 30 pounds over the last year. So she was looking forward to coming back and NOT finishing last. And she did it!

She came in at 52 minutes, which was about 7 minutes faster than her time on last year’s course, and she had a nice cushion between her and last place. My mom is 53, but she’s totally (finally) caught the exercise bug. It really never is too late.

The course, if you’re curious or ever find yourself in SE PA over Thanksgiving weekend is good but tough. There’s a big hill, but lots of other rolling hills. My PR is 22:44, which was a minute faster than my fastest 5k at the time, so there’s that. But the reason you should do this race is because it is all heart. Bill, the race director, puts on a tux and raffles off homemade pies. Plus it starts in a church parking lot, so you can stay inside and warm until the start, and there are plenty of indoor toilets. Oh, and Bill goes through ALL the pictures himself and emails them to you. It’s truly a labor of love, and in these days of corporations putting on Rock ‘N Roll marathons (I hope you’re catching the irony), it’s refreshing to be treated so well for so little money. Bill knows me and my family–just because we come out once a year. Anyway, do the race.

Here’s Katie finishing in 2006. She’s the one on orange, right at the beginning, in front of the woman waving. I don’t know why this video exists.

So there’s some inspiration. Just found out that the federal government is closed tomorrow, so I’ll try to catch up with my latest race and injury report.


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