Back to Life

The streets are kind of clear–but not so clear that we didn’t see a stuck car while out shopping last night–and we had to go back to work today. As I’ve kind of mentioned, I pulled my calf last week, so I don’t have to worry about treadmill vs. icy street running. I do, however have to worry about getting fat. So tomorrow I’m going to see what spinning does to my leg. Probably nothing bad, right?

I’ll tell you what’s not nice for my pain. Walking three miles in the snow.

I do, however, now have one of these, so it was all worth it.

That's 26.2 under the reindeer.

Living near Pacers…the only good thing about living in Alexandria? (I kind of kid!) At first I could only find 13.1 ornaments, so I almost had to buy an ugly pink 26.2. I know I haven’t run any marathons this year (thanks for reminding me), but I have run one (three!), dammit!


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  1. Yup walking in the snow is a difficult proposition.I landed flat on my back not long ago.HARD and yup it HURT…


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