My Chiropractor Blogs!

Today I went in for an emergency torture session–I mean Graston treatment–with my chiropractor and found him blogging away! If I haven’t mentioned before, my chiro is a miracle worker (it’s not his fault that I keep hurting myself!) Seriously, the DCTriDoc has done a lot for my pain over the past year, and he knows what he’s talking about, so read up.
Now, as for Graston treatments go, don’t believe those assholes on the website. It hurts. It is intense agony–I handle pain pretty well, but Graston makes me sweat and cry a little bit (on the inside). It also makes me swear profusely, smack the table, and today I tore up the little sanitary paper that goes under my face. DCTriDoc actually had to hold my heel between his knees so I didn’t kick him in the face.
But it really does seem to work, much faster than anything else I’ve tried, so I grudgingly underwent it today in hopes of finally fixing my calf.
DCTriDoc also tried taping my calf. The tape was supposed to inhibit some of the pain receptors in my calf so that the muscle could heal and work without me favoring it because it hurt. But, um, contrary to what he told me, you can’t really wear it in the pool. My b.

10:15 am: "Keep this on for 3-5 days"

5:00 pm: Oops.


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  1. […] have gone for a run 12 hours after my chiro worked over my entire upper right leg with the dreaded Graston. (I had banned Graston from my treatment plan, but desperate times call for desperate […]


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