If I Can Make It There…

I had a good little 4 mile run outside today. Which is a good thing because this morning I entered the New York Marathon lottery.

I’ve won a lot of things in my day. These include a board game, a pig race, a bike, a giant black dildo, the Cherry Blossom lottery, and more than 50% of the bingo games I’ve ever played. That’s right, I’m pretty lucky.

The bike I won in a raffle. Not pictured: the dildo I won at drag queen bingo.

So I’m afraid my odds are pretty good. I’ve already complained about getting up and taking shuttles to the start of a race. And I hate crowds. But hey, this is New York. Everyone has to do it once, and this might be my brother’s last year in the city (ok, probably not, but still).

Now we wait. They’ve moved the drawing up from June to March this year, which is good if I was thinking about doing a back up race like Chicago, which sells out in April–and I was. (Registration for my other fall race contenders, Marine Corps and Steamtown, opens in April.)

At the risk of getting ahead of myself, I’ve already downloaded this song and will use it in my training runs. I’m not sure what I’ll do if I don’t get in. Download the theme to The Office?


3 responses to this post.

  1. I’ll cross my fingers for you!


  2. I knew exactly which song you downloaded before I even clicked. I downloaded that one last week. Love it! I had every intention of getting in the NYC lottery. I really should still.
    Part of me hopes you don’t get in so you come to Chi-town. I’m running that one fo sho!


  3. […] NYC for the weekend! I hope that by being there, I’ll be sending out some good vibes for the upcoming lottery. (April […]


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