Race Report: Where Am I? Is It Time to Run Again?

We did it!

Well I guess I’ve given away the ending. But the fact that this blog post exists should have tipped you off to the fact that I survived.

So how was the American Odyssey Relay (Run Adventure!)? In short: I absolutely loved it. As I told a young reporter

No, I'm happy to talk about running, whether you'll mention me in the article or not.

who decided not to quote me, I’m not very good at not sleeping, but it turns out that I’ll do anything for running. “Anything” included sleeping on the ground in the middle of the day at a school, sleeping on the ground outside a hotel in 40-degree weather, waking up at 4 to run on the C&O canal, suffering through the worst stomach cramps and gas ever between runs (what are you trying to tell me, body?), not showering for two days (my only option was a freezing one or the sink. I chose the sink. I’m a wimp), and the list probably goes on.

But as my reward, I got to run through the Gettysburg battlefields, on some lovely mountain roads with Wes, and on the C&O canal in the pitch black while owls hooted at me. Did I mention I passed four runners there, including a dude?

Although I was promised pancakes at 4am in West Virginia, I was not able to eat them because of my 5am run. That just means I’ll have to do it next year.

Safety first.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds like a fabulous experience!!! I’d love to hear more.


  2. sounds like a blast, believe it or not 🙂 i haven’t had a chance to do a relay yet (i’ve come close) so hopefully soon!


  3. Super fun! I so need to do a relay someday!


  4. […] my bod came through, and I got through Cherry Blossom in a healthy 1:27, and the AOR. That month I also got Carmela Sherbert, the love of my life, and I really think that she let me […]


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