Inspiration and Perspiration

Check out the sweet birthday gift Cheryl got for me.

It’s the program from the 2004 Boston Marathon blown up into a poster. Two years ago, when Cheryl and I took an awesome road trip to Boston to see the women’s Olympic Trials and the marathon, she told me about how, last time she ran, they had huge Kathrine Switzer posters with that photo of the Boston Marathon race director, Jock Semple, trying to pull her off the course, that said Impossible Is Nothing. I am (and all women runners should be) a huge Kathrine Switzer fan (though I do quibble with the fact that she thinks the feminist movement had nothing to do with her own success, but anyway). I bought her book in hardback as soon as it came out, and it’s still one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever read. I like to think that deep down, if I ever started working out like she did, I too could break 3 hours in the marathon. I’m not sure I’ll ever be physically let alone mentally able to workout like her though…

So! I really really wanted that poster. I used to cruise ebay for it sometimes, but I’ve never had any luck whatsoever. Meanwhile, sneaky Cheryl remembered our conversation. She’d made a poster for herself from her program, and this year she made one for me! It’s in my office with all my marathon finisher certificates and plaques, and I’m going to be thinking about her A LOT this fall. And I can’t thank Cheryl enough for it. Just think, if you join Capital Area Runners, you could hang out with her all the time too 😉

We saw Kathrine while spectating at the trials, but I didn’t say anything to her. But I did eventually meet her and her husband in Chicago!

Well that’s the inspiration of the title. Now for the perspiration. I’m a salty sweat-er. And I have a bad habit of trying to minimize my calories when working out. It’s so bad that this winter, I actually bumped up my calories and promptly lost four pounds (then it snowed and I put it right back on). So I really want to figure out my nutrition, and a big part of that is going to be using sports drink while I run. Gatorade, unless it is way watered down, does not work for me. It makes me cramp up like crazy. I actually cramped from drinking it after my run during the American Odyssey Relay. I don’t want to water it down, because I desperately need those electolytes, and I don’t want to carry a million water bottles to get them in. (I’m going to make this difficult.)

So I need some advice from you guys, especially those of you with delicate stomachs. What electolyte drink do you use when you run? (Nuun is awesome, but there’s not enough endurance stuff in there. I’m talking about 20 mile runs in August here :).) Thanks in advance!


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  1. YAY! I do think that is the best ad ever! Impossible is nothing and that picture says it all! 🙂 Happy Birthday!

    Well, I had to give up NUUN because I still think it was part of my tender tummy issues. So, go figure sugar loaded Gatorade is my favorite. Still, no more 20 milers for this girl.


  2. Happy Birthday! The only running book I’ve read is Born to Run so maybe I should pick that one up. Have you tried watering down the gatorade?


  3. I am a delicate flower as well (HAH), and I use a weird combo of nuun, shot blocks, sport beans, and rage. I used to do the watered-down-gatorade thing because of tummy issues, but (also) got tired of carrying 4 billion water bottles around. I’m not a pack horse, for pete’s sake.

    I had actually just purchased a bunch of stuff to test out on long runs right before I got hurt. The universe said, “SIDDOWN!” But I did find out the gels make me wanna power-hurl. Have you tried gels plus nuun? Also, I know some people that do the salt-tab thing, which I know NOTHING about, but might be a way to go, little miss salty.


  4. Love the poster!

    I’m generally a straight up gatorade kind of girl or nuun, but I’ve had the GU electrolyte drink a few times now (that’s what they had at the marathon I ran) and it tasted good and I had no GI issues until much later in the day (ie, the evening when my body realized how much gel and drink I had taken in.)


  5. I like coconut water for electrolyte replenishment.

    I saw your comment on Anne’s blog about being a wellness coordinator and thought I’m come check out your blog! I’ve always been curious as to how one becomes a wellness coordinator – any advice for someone interested in the field?



  6. What an awesome gift! How thoughtful of her.

    Have you ever tried Hammer nutrition? A lot of folks with sensitive tummies have success with it. Good luck finding the right thing!


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