Triathlon: What the F— Was I Thinking?

The other night I had my first triathlon-related stress dream. We’re three weeks out now, so the timing is about right. If you’ve run any kind of big race before, you know the dream. You’re late! You can’t find some key piece of equipment!

My dream seemed particularly stressful though, as I realized at about 9am the morning of the race that I had packed nothing, and every time we tried to leave, I remembered something new. I kept asking my sister what time our waves started, but then it was 11, and before I knew it 8pm, and we never made it. I did, however, save my bike from some thieves.

So when I woke up I thought it would be a good idea to find out what time my wave did start. I went to the DC Triathlon website and found this under the weekend schedule:

5:30 AM First Sprint Swim Wave

What The F! It’s not light out at 5:30! I know because I woke up to my artificial light alarm clock at 5:45 this morning to go running, and artificial light was the only kind seeping into my room! Yes, it was light-ish (what’s the opposite of gloaming?), but I really need the kayakers to see me in the Potomac because the last time I tried to swim in it I almost drowned.*

I guess that’s the reason they planned the race for the equinox? When am I supposed to sleep? (Like I’ll get any sleep that night anyway, but still.)

A 5:30 start means that I’ll be done by 7:30, which is absurdly early to be finished anything!

Oh well, I’m registered now. And in that spirit, Katie and I are headed out tomorrow to practice some open water swimming (in the light of day) so I’ll put up a post about that with some tips this weekend.

What’s the earliest you’ve ever woken up for a race? What’s your worst race-related stress dream?

*While tubing (yes, tubing, not distance swimming) I was caught by the current and pulled under while wearing a life jacket. Luckily the current spit me out a little downstream, but it was crazy scary. Open water is no joke. But the reason I got off my tube in the first place? My friend had broken a glass bottle (that I’d TOLD him not to bring), and he wanted me to drag the cooler tube over to him so he could throw the glass in there. With the ice and the beer. Think about that one. I almost died for that.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Wow that story about the tubing is crazy/scary! I am definitely starting to get the pre-race jitters (mine is the week after yours). I actually signed up to volunteer at yours so hopefully I will be cheering you on! I don’t get how they are going to do the swim that early though. Are you going to Sandy Point for the open water swim? I think I’m going to try it there on Monday.


  2. 5:30 in the morning???!! that’s insane. I know a ton of people that are doing the race and was going to come out and rah-rah them…but….5:30? maybe I rah-rah them from bed.
    enjoy the open water swim! don’t swallow a fish!


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