Got Marathon Advice?

Coach George does! George appeared on the DC Running Examiner’s blog today giving out some “wise words” about running and his excellent Capital Area Runners. He’ll also be speaking at Road Runner Sports in Falls Church on Wednesday at 7pm about running a marathon. RRS will also be offering 15% off their merchandise for all attendees–and that’s on top of their VIP discount.

So if you’re around, head out and meet George and then come run with us this marathon season!

I’ll be doing a swim workout in a 50 meter pool on Wednesday night, so I won’t be out there. But I’m excited to practice swimming a “long” way without the–literal and figurative–safety net of the wall so nearby.

I had an insane, jam-packed, training-filled weekend, so I’ll get up a post soon. But I’ve started marathon training now–on top of my last few weeks of tri training, so blogging time is at a premium šŸ™‚


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  1. ppssst…where do you go to a 50-meter pool?


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