Training Tri/Du

Last weekend was crazy. As we headed into DC for the second time on Sunday, I sighed and said to Wes, “I just don’t know when I’m supposed to relax.” He told me that I do this to myself. And he’s right πŸ™‚

Saturday morning I got up bright and early and headed down to East Potomac Park to participate in a DC Tri training tri. We were scheduled to swim 400 meters in the pool, bike 3 long laps around Hains Point and back out Ohio Drive, and run a short lap around the tip of Hains Point (about 5k). But for some reason–I have no idea what that reason is because I missed the announcement while I was in the bathroom–they canceled the swim! This used to be my secret triathlon dream, but it’s not really anymore because a) I bought a $150 wetsuit, and I want to use the damn thing; b) if they cancel the swim, I won’t be a triathlete, so I’ll have to sign up for another one; and c) this was only practice! No one is canceling the hard scary swim.

This is probably not what you want your transition area to look like, bike rack or no.

So for our duathlon, we had to run a short loop, bike the long loop three times, and run the short loop again. Which is ok, but it was SO HOT and HUMID, and I’d forgotten any kind of food/fuel, and I had no idea when the last time I’d run six fast-ish miles was (Cherry Blossom, I remember now). We took off, and I finished the first loop in about 26:40 (about 8:30s), then hopped on my bike and really took off. I’ve been planning to shoot for 15mph in the tri, but I managed to pull out an average speed of 17.5mph for 16.5 miles, which is actually longer than the tri bike leg. Yes, Hains Point is super flat, but the DC Tri bike course isn’t particularly hilly either, so I’m stoked. Then I got off the bike and proceeded to surprise myself by running an 8:28 first mile. Then an 8:29 second mile.

And then I started cramping and felt a little chill–from the breeze or from heat exhaustion, we will never know–and I was bonking BAD, but I fell in behind this guy and managed to follow him home in an 8:33 mile. I felt terrible for the dude, I was wheezing in his ear and staring longingly at his Gatorade, but when we finished he thanked me for the push, and I apologized for my dying rooster sounds. Win-win, in other words.

Duathletes gather for the start of the race.

I don’t have the results yet, but it took me about 1:52 or so, which I’m pretty happy with, especially given the weather and the fact that I didn’t eat anything while I was out there. So much for getting my nutrition right.

Anyway, that was only the first part of my weekend. Stay tuned for Sunday, which was totally awesome and Katie‘s birthday.

Aaaaaaaaannnnd, here's a picture of me and my sausage legs. Tri shorts: embarrassing or most embarrasing article of clothing ever invented?


7 responses to this post.

  1. Nicely done! I’d love to do a duathlon one of these days. Cute picture.


  2. Posted by itsnotlucky on June 8, 2010 at 10:24 pm

    If they cancel the swim, you’ll just have to come to Portland for the tri!


  3. ha! that’s what my legs look like in those shorts. first time i wore them: whoa, why do my legs look like THAT?

    nice job on the practice tri! tons of luck next weekend!!!!!


  4. That’s weird they cancelled the swim. But it seems like you have done a lot of swim practice and will kick ass anyways.


  5. The swim was the reason you wanted the practice!! UGH!! πŸ˜‰ Well, you smoked the bike race and you smoked the run! Congratulations!

    PS… I think you look great in those shorts! I wish I looked that good in compression!


  6. p.s. I just got my volunteer assignment for your tri and I am going to be somewhere at the finish line from 10-1!


  7. rooster sounds! lol. congrats! seriously, i don’t get how anyone runs faster after biking! heck i can’t even run fast without biking πŸ™‚


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