Three Things Thursday

1. I’m off from work today! Katie and I are headed to Sandy Point to soak up some rays, and then we are going to spend the day in Annapolis with our family. They’re coming down for the weekend to see Katie off to Oregon.

2. I’m going to be running my first 20+ mile week in who knows how long. So far I have 10 miles down, which doesn’t sound like much, but I like to end-load my weeks. I’ll do 6-7 tomorrow morning at our tempo run and then 8 on Saturday for 24-25 total. And then Sunday I can just ride my bike! My goal is to get up to 50+ mile weeks ASAP without getting hurt. MCM is only 18 weeks away!

3. I think my next triathlon will be the Luray Sprint in August. My mentor is signed up for the Luray Double (Oly on Saturday, Sprint on Sunday), but I still don’t feel ready to do an Olympic swim. And technically I’m signed up for the PeasantMan, but I’m not sure that that counts as a real race.


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