You Win This One, Marines

In 2008, I ran the 33rd Marine Corps Marathon and received this medal for my trouble:

That Halloween, I dressed as Michael Phelps (it was my greatest costume ever, and no, I didn’t take any pictures :() and wore 8 race medals around my neck, including all 3 marathon medals. At the party, which was only a week after the marathon, I met this dude who had also done it.

We talked about it, and then I was like, “What’s up with this medal though? Have you ever seen one so big and ugly before?” And he was like, “Oh, I thought it was cool.” And I said, “Nah, it’s enormous and kind of tacky.” And he just looked kind of sad.

So I walked away, and Wes grabbed me and hissed, “He’s a Marine!”

Oops. Yes, I had just told a Marine that the Marine Corps logo was kind of tacky and enormous. In fairness to me, who was wearing the hulking thing around my neck and who works as a communications professional–it is! But I understand how, you know, the symbol of the organization that this man put his life on the line for (to protect me and my ungrateful ass’s freedom to run my mouth) might not appear tacky to him. And it’s not the symbol I have a problem with–it really was the size of the medal. I’m just not the kind of gal who goes crazy for any race medals, so I get a little salty when I finish a marathon and people want me to carry a pound of tacky crap around my neck. (I’m looking at you Rock ‘N Roll organizers.) What’s wrong with a tasteful little Marine Corps symbol?

Anyway, the MCM Facebook page linked to an article from Marathon & Beyond (pdf) magazine that ranked the top 2009 marathon medals. The 2009 MCM medal is identical to the 2008 medal except the little sash is baby blue.

And guess which medal they ranked #1. Yep, MCM 2009. What do I know?

This is my favorite medal, as a point of reference. (Sorry for the cell phone pics.)


3 responses to this post.

  1. I have to agree – I wasn’t a fan of the size either…


  2. I’m with you. Before even reading what you wrote I was wondering what that behemoth was.
    Really? You ran with 8 medals around your neck?


  3. way to go, tramping on his style! nobody treads on the marines. (i think it’s the marines…)

    anyway. i don’t think it’s ugly… though really i just want a medal that’s not cheesy like “i just ran the mile in PE class”


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