One of These Things…

Is not like the other.

Just got the official training triathlon results:

68  Liz 0:11:15  0:02:49  69  0:03:10  46  0:55:15  18.08  39  0:00:44  23  0:25:42  0:08:02  33  1:36:06  41

So that’s my number, my name, my swim time, my swim pace per 100, my rank in the swim (heh heh), my T1 time, my T1 rank, my bike time, my bike average speed, my bike rank, my T2 time, my run time, my run pace per mile, my run rank, my final time, and my final rank.

That swimming time is beyond embarrassing. I think I’ve actually slowed down/can breaststroke faster than that. Help?

And, because Katie has already harassed me once before, yes, triathlons kick my ass. I was worthless for the rest of Sunday, except Wes made me bike to Shirlington for brunch, then to Del Ray to watch the soccer game, where I dozed off in an arm chair before waking up to him trying to take my picture. 1) Soccer is boring. 2) You try waking up at 5:15 and staying awake in a comfy chair with a feather pillow behind your head while dudes do nothing but kick a ball back and forth at each other for 2 hours.

********** Don’t forget, yoga for Calvary tomorrow! ************


One response to this post.

  1. Awesome!! I posted a pic of my wimpy ice bath last week. Yours looks great! What an ice bath should be!


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