On Nutrition

So I just got back from my nutritionist appointment, and I am pumped! She thinks that I’m so tired all the time because I’m not getting enough protein. (I should be getting 70 grams a day? Who knew?) She also thinks my stomach hurts because I’m dehydrated, that I’m tired because I’m dehydrated, and that I have a hard time drinking water on my runs because I’m not getting enough electrolytes.

Hmmm, yes, all things I probably could have guessed on my own. But now, as we speak, she’s putting together everything I told her into some kind of fancy plan to get me through MY level of activity. Which means 45 miles of running a week and cycling and swimming and yoga and lifting! I can’t wait to get it all back next week and to get started. Coach George told me that if I did everything perfectly, then there’s no reason I can’t run in the 3:30s at Marine Corps.

And while I realized that my food was holding me back to some extent, I never realized just how much it was hurting me. For example: on my 12-mile run on Saturday, which lasted 1 hour and 53 minutes, I drank about 30 ounces of water (which is actually unheard of for me; I never drink that much) and had 4 chomps, all at once, at mile 5. According to the nutritionist, I really should have had about 24 ounces of water for that first hour and another 24 ounces of sports drink over that second hour, with my chomps spread out over it too.

So I’ll try that next week. I’m probably going to have to go get one of those beer-can helmets, because how else can I carry all that fluid, but I’m in favor of anything that makes running easier and me better at it 🙂 If you’re in the DC area and in need of some nutrition advice for your crazy-ass endurance pursuits, check her out. I can’t recommend her 100% because I haven’t gotten my plan back yet, but I have every reason to believe it’s going to be awesome. Rebecca Mohning of Expert Nutrition.


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  1. I’d be peeing like a racehorse if I drank that much for 12 miles! Wow! I guess I’m underdrinking as well. Interesting!


  2. Thanks SO much for your donation to the Lupus Foundation! : D


  3. That’s really interesting – you will have to keep us posted on the meal plan and if you notice any changes. p.s. I would die laughing if I saw you running with a beer can helmet!


  4. WOW! I need a nutritionist! Glad you found someone to get your diet in gear. You will have to let me know how the beer helmet works out–haha


  5. I am anxious to see how this all pans out for you! Getting 80 grams of protein a day is one of the things I started paying attention to when all of a sudden, Shangri-La…


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  7. This is fascinating—can’t wait to hear about the results!


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