I’m Going Nowhere

MCM Mama (who just knocked Alaska off her 50-state list!) gave me the “You’re Going Places” award forever ago, and I’m only just now down to figuring out some idea of what I want to do in 10 years.

Actually, back in 1995, I wrote a little note to my future self and saved it in my letter box. I opened it back in 2005–it’s at my parents house, so I can’t quote from it now, but I do remember that it hoped that I would be in law school (nope, but the dream isn’t dead) and married to one of my then-classmates. I should mention that I went to Catholic school, and there were like 4 dudes in my class total, and most of them grew up to have major drug problems. And I grew up to have a big problem with (fear of) marriage.

So let’s try to make this one a little better. Hopefully I know myself better than I did when I was 13.

In 10 years, I hope to be living on the same coast of the country as my sister. Here’s a picture she sent to entice me out West:

The famous Haystack Rock in Oregon

There’s an outside chance I’ll be married, but only to Wes. I do plan to at least still be hanging around with him. And if Katie is on the East Coast, then I hope I’m also living back within the loving confines of the District of Columbia. Don’t ask me about kids–that marriage part was hard enough. I hope to be an Iron(wo)man by then, and maybe running Boston for the 10th time, because I requalify every year that I run it! I’d also love to have driven across the United States. And maybe be in law school.

I don’t think I’m going to tag 10 people, but I will tag some of my teammates: Dash, Amy, Tara, and Jessica. Have at it!

Also, if anyone is racing the Crystal City Twilighter this weekend, I’ll be out there in my CAR shimmel (which now fits!). I might be the only one in it–my teammates are dropping out like flies as the thermometer climbs. They’ve been racing all season though; this will be my first non-triathlon since April, so I’m not going to miss it.


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  1. That pic has me wanting to be in Oregon too! Wow! I hope you are every where you wish to be in 10 years, even life sometimes moves us in different, yet worthwhile, directions from our goals.

    I will get on this, although it may take me as long to put together as yours did, but I do want to make a list, as that helped me get to 40! šŸ˜‰

    I wish I was going to be out there Saturday, but Rockville really messed me up and I have no desire to repeat that performance. Good Luck!


  2. I’d love to live in Oregon or Washington, but will likely be living right here on the East Coast for forever.

    Look for me at the CC5k. I’ll be volunteering in some way beforehand and then running the race very slowly.


  3. Posted by lizard151 on July 23, 2010 at 1:55 pm

    I left off the fact that I’m doing a triathlon Sunday morning, so my first mile at the CCT will be 10 minutes. If I can drop from there, great. If not, just slug it out and make it up the next morning.


  4. It might have taken you a while to outline what’s on tap for 10 years from now, but weekend to weekend you’re doing an awesome job of hitting some big milestones. A 5K and a triathon less than 12 hours apart – that’s awesome!

    I’ll get to work on my list, one of these days.


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