Go West, Young Woman

The moment I’ve been waiting for all summer is finally almost upon us. And while it looks like I won’t be getting to visit Running Mecca this trip after all, I’m still planning to do a 5k and a 20-mile run in the great state of Oregon. (No triathlon–didn’t want to pay $$$ to rent a bike only to fall off of it and ruin my training. Call me paranoid, but it wouldn’t be unprecedented.)

I’ve also got my 100 push up week 5 and 6 print out. (Shit starts to get real in week 5.) And just about all our hotels have gyms, so I’ll be working out there while hiking and trying to get in a 50-mile week next week. Can it be done? (My shin is feeling better, thanks, but you’re right. I won’t be doing anything to jeopardize my progress on that front.)

If you need me, I’ll be fording the river.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Oregon is gorgeous … enjoy!


  2. Have a blast on your trip! Stay healthy, get your miles and your sleep in and have fun!!


  3. Sounds heavenly! Enjoy your trip.


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