So all I’ve been doing since I last blogged is running and working. Running and working. I’ve been running 50 miles per week, which is amazing, but it just doesn’t go too well with working at the office and keeping up a normal-ish social life. I have a hard time saying no, so last week I worked 45 hours (I usually work 37.5!) and had an activity just about every night. It finally all blew up Thursday, when I skipped a casual engagement party to work and get to bed for my tempo run. Then it was out to dinner with friends on Friday, awesome 20 miler, out to dinner with friends on Saturday, 6 miler on Sunday that started out pretty rough. With all my working last week, I’d let my right leg just get too tight, so I had to come back and stretch and warm up a lot before I could run. But by the end of the run I felt good.

Can you guess where I’m going? Yesterday I had a great yoga class and a restful-ish day (only biked to work and yoga), and although I was feeling really mentally run down this morning, my body was feeling good. My legs were swinging, and I felt strong. We were scheduled to do Yasso 800s, and I was never feeling the workout, but it wasn’t that bad. I got through 4, and although I was running a little bit too fast, I figured I could just hold on to my 3:25 pace and finish up 10 after all.

But on the 5th repeat, my achilles started talking to me. It sent me a little stab at 100 meters, then another at 200, and then a great big one at 350. I really let out a yelp with that last one, and Beth turned to me and yelled, “Stop!” She was right, of course, although I’m now pouting up a storm about how I didn’t get to finish a workout I didn’t even want to do.

At least now I get a mental and physical break. My second gym membership is finally paying off–I’ll be able to hit up a YMCA while I’m out of town this week and do some easy pool running before attempting a tempo on Friday. And if that doesn’t work I’ll head back to the pool and make the weekend long-run call then.

I’m not really worried or freaking out right now. As every single running expert I’ve talked to in the past week has said, “The hay is in the barn.” I have no idea what that means, but I think it has something to do with the hard work being over πŸ˜‰


3 responses to this post.

  1. That was certainly a bummer this morning, but I’m glad you stopped. The hay is definitely in the barn…. whatever that means πŸ™‚ Take it easy, rest, and stay healthy so we can rock MCM together!!!


  2. When I saw that in George’s newsletter, I did a double take since you had said it the night before from the talk. Apparently it’s a common saying in the running expert community πŸ™‚ And, I agree with everything that Beth said about resting and staying healthy!


  3. Don’t worry, when the time comes, you’ll be ready to moooooooo-ve.


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