I Am Insane

No, seriously. I’m a crazy person. For the past three weeks or so, ever since my leg started acting up, I’ve been feeling like I’ve been doing nothing. Like I’ve done nothing but rest. And I had managed to convince myself that I had, therefore, completely lost all my fitness. I began worrying about finishing the race in under 4 hours, let alone under 3:40.

So with the achilles twinge, I simply started my taper early. I was out of town, so I took one rest day and still ran or biked every other day that week. And then I took another two rest days or so the next week–aka the first week of the taper. And I stopped all my extra workouts, and commenced freaking out.

Today, in hopes of calming myself, I went through and updated my training log, because I hadn’t been keeping track. I thought it might help to ease my mind so that I could see if I had indeed been doing enough work to hold onto some fitness. Because I really thought, in my mind, that I had been doing nothing.

I’ve been running about 30 miles a week. Which is, um, exactly right for the taper. And, apparently, more than I was doing two years ago when I set my PR. Who knew? I guess it make sense that since I was only working out once a day, instead of 2 to 3 times, that it felt like nothing.

So, ok, great. Maybe I can do this after all! I don’t know whether to be relieved or super disturbed at what my brain is capable of.


4 responses to this post.

  1. haha, you are insane and you are going to kick ass at MCM. You’re mind will be the only thing holding you back. Can you turn that sucker off for 3 hours and 39 minutes on Sunday?


  2. YOU DEFINITELY CAN DO IT!! Sounds like a case of the taper freak-outs, but hopefully seeing the numbers will calm down that brain of yours. I’ll keep an eye out for you whizzing by me on Sunday 😉 Good luck!!


  3. Wait, did you run 30 miles this week too?????? That would definitely make you insane 🙂


  4. sounds like taper talk to me! which means you are primed and ready to whip MCM ass.


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