Jingle All the Way

Well my first race since my marathon is under my belt, and I’m feeling pretty good. I think I learned this year that I really need to keep racing. That’s why I train. With triathlons I really prefer the training to the event (only because of the swim though), but with running, it’s all about race day for me. Which is why I have a tendency to jump back into racing as soon as I can after injury. And that little habit–and the recurring minor injuries that went with it–made me swear off racing for much of 2010. Did it work? Yes. But would I do it again? Not to the extent that I did it this year. Racing keeps me sharp, and I think I was missing a lot of that this training season.

So I dragged myself out of bed Sunday morning after about 5 hours of heavily interrupted sleep to head out in the rain to the Jingle All the Way 10k. Two years ago I set a PR of 46:51. Who knows when I’ll see a time like that again? I knew it wouldn’t be Sunday. None of my G2B crew was running the race, so when I met up with Katie at the start, I decided that I’d rather pace her to a PR than run by myself (and just end up frustrated when I still only came in in like 52 minutes).

So that’s what I did. The 45 degree weather meant I ditched my Santa hat pretty early in the run, but the steady drizzle made sure I almost froze to death after the race. In other words, a beautiful day for a run.

Check out Katie’s race report for the deets. I can assure you that I was hurting a little more than I wanted to during that last mile. But I’m so happy to be out racing again. I was almost happy enough to go to the CAR hill workout this morning…but instead I enjoyed one very last week off, especially given the weather forecast. My right quad and calf are feeling twitchy from Sunday I’m just not ready for it to be this cold yet!


3 responses to this post.

  1. I was actually really sad to miss it! Nice job on pacing Katie!


  2. HOORAY for pacing Katie! 🙂 Thanks a million, you were a rock star. I would never have kicked my own ass that hard!


  3. I’m finally wrapping my brain around the idea that there are a bajillion great ways to approach a race, and that many of them have nothing to do with running all-out in hopes of a PR (though that’s always great). Nice job taking what could have been a crappy experience and making it a great one!


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