A 5k Frenzy of My Own

So since there’s not really anything going on on the Internet today, I thought I’d regale you all with my tale of my own little 5k Frenzy, a name I blatantly, shamelessly, and unapologetically stole from my friend Dash.

Last year, in an attempt not to injure myself, I cut way back on races. It was hard, because I love races, but I had a goal, and I threw everything I had at it. Only to then fail miserably in meeting that goal and possibly tearing some cartilage in my hip in the process. (I have torn cartilage in my hip, I just don’t know when it happened. 20 years ago for all I know.)

Anyway, this year I decided that my blind devotion to training had to go. I wanted to go back to loving running. After the doc told me that I was doing no short-term damage to my hip by running on it back in January, I began running three days a week–and only three days a week–in hopes of finishing the National Half Marathon. It’s my favorite race, despite the fact that the last two years have seen me get injured there, and as a National Marathon Ambassador, I felt a strong symbolic desire to go back and run the race and have a positive experience. And I did. Then the next week I ran the Cherry Blossom 10 miler, and even though I had trained less than I did last year, I still came out with a faster time.

At the same time, I was gearing up for a local 5k to test my fitness before launching into more formal training for the summer/fall. I picked the Kelley Cares 5k because I could run there from my house as a warm up and because it’s tiny and I set a PR there years ago (of 23:55). But then someone asked me if I wanted to run some Crystal City 5ks, and I was like, well, I can only make the ones on April 8th and April 29th. And then I realized that I had a race every weekend in April except for the 1 I was on vacation, so I found one there.

The results?

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in 1:24:05

Crystal City 5k 2 in 24:37.

Despite a terrible pic, I run a PR 22:37 at my target race.

I came dangerously close to another PR, but the course was long, so I had to settle for a 23:20 and 2nd in my AG.

And finally, despite feeling totally raced out and dropping an 8lb. dumbbell on my head earlier that day, I finish with a 23:53 tempo effort. (I'm fine.)

After all that and with the changing weather, I’m feeling a little tired. I’m taking this week fairly easy, but I already have my sights set on my next race. The PRR Twilight Four Miler. My 4 mile PR is something hilarious like 32 minutes, so I’m gunning for that. Please don’t be 100 degrees again this year, ok, Twilight Four Miler?


8 responses to this post.

  1. haha, how did I not notice that you were running every single weekend? I like your no training only racing plan, though. Its totally working 🙂


  2. I love it, I hope my 5k frenzy is as successful as yours has been!!

    Yes, please don’t be 100* again. (My step mom said it was 102* per her cars thermometer)


  3. I love this! I’m really excited for shorter races this summer – when’s that twilighter?


  4. hmmm, when is that 4 miler? I might be able to run 4 miles in under 40 minutes by then.

    also, ditto beth, how did I not notice you were in this frenzy?


  5. June 11th, is the Twilighter! Ashburn, just up the road from Sweetwater Tavern in Sterling.


  6. […] But otherwise it was a beautiful day. The sky was a bit overcast, but it was that magical temperature that allows you to bike comfortably all wet in a sleeveless tri suit and still be cool on the run. It was also the first time I have ever enjoyed a triathlon. I think the secret was the fact that I was running really fast at the end. I passed several dudes and finished with with a 24:06 for the (estimated) 5k run, and I felt like I had a lot more left. (I also realized as I was running that I was doing yet another 5k.) […]


  7. […] May 16, 2011 by lizard151 in Uncategorized. Leave a Comment So after seven weeks of racing, it was really nice to sleep in on Sunday morning and do an easy 6 miles by myself. I’m still […]


  8. […] course I forgot that I wanted to run a PR the very next weekend. And that my longest run during my 5k frenzy was 5 miles. Heh heh. And then the heatwave hit. I did 6 miles one weekend, sweating my balls off, […]


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