Editor Humor

So I just made a donation to the RunningBrooke fund to support my friend in her efforts to support my community. Seriously, RunningBrooke is doing a whole lot of running to raise money and awareness for charities in Alexandria, so if you have some extra $$ you should go donate it to her today. She’s taking part in a big Alexandria-wide charity contest, where the charity with the most new unique donors gets a prize. So if you kick just $10 her way, you’ll be helping kids in Alexandria (including Girls on the Run!) and keeping Brooke in the running (ha) to win that $5000 bonus for them too!

But the nerd editor humor comes in later, once you get your receipt in your e-mail. Here’s the subject line:

Thanks for your generous donation on Razoo! Here’s your tax-deductible receipt.‏

My receipt is tax deductible? Is there an IRS form for that? Are you guys laughing as hard as I am?

This is what happens when I post more than once a week. You’re welcome. Happy Friday.


2 responses to this post.

  1. You should post more often. I like it (and tax-deductible receipts).


  2. or not two days.. 🙂 Shows how up to date on googlereader I am! 🙂


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