What’s Next?

So after seven weeks of racing, it was really nice to sleep in on Sunday morning and do an easy 6 miles by myself. I’m still living high off my triathlon last week and vicariously through Katie’s exciting half ironman this weekend. Maybe these triathlons aren’t so bad after all.

With that in mind, I’ve been eying up some Olympic-distance races with the hope that I can get my swim headaches under control before then. Today I’m planning on doing some longish swimming with earplugs to see how that works.

But the pics from Peasantman suggest something else that should maybe be worrying me. It looks like my bizarre swim-shimmy has moved over to my running as well. What can I say? My hips don’t lie. Also nice hair. (Also also, that’s gun time on the clock!)


5 responses to this post.

  1. You do look like you’re doing “The Twist”. Which is a really fun way to end a race!


  2. Hmm, better side to side than dipping? I’m still thinking September 70.3! Sign up with me! Be a better enabler 🙂


  3. yeah, what’s going on in that pic? and where’s the video you promised? and finally, steelman, eh? hmmm.


  4. I’ve got the hip dip going on these days. It’s not pretty.


  5. 7 weeks of racing!! Sleeping in is a dream! Great meeting you on Sunday!


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