On Seeking Revenge

In my racing life, I’ve had few truly terrible experiences. I would say one is the time I played a rugby game in PA, ate nothing all day except for 5 Balance Bars, then came home and tried to run the first-ever 9/11 Memorial 5k. The result? A super-hot race in which I spent much of the time trying not to puke while my rugby captain ran alongside me and never let on how much she was probably judging me and my terrible fitness (32 minutes for a 5k is fine if you’re not trying to play D-1 women’s rugby). Upon arriving home, it was all I could do to get to the bathroom before the bars finally forced themselves out the other end. Bad day.

Look at those cheeks.

The other one is, of course, my one and only DNF, which happened not long after I started my blog. You guys may know the story, and if you don’t, you can read it alllllll back at that link.

But this weekend, I’m going for revenge on the Steelman course. Double the revenge, in fact, because this time I’m making my debut in the Oly distance. A lot has changed in two years. Last time I showed up on my beloved commuter hybrid, walking with the aid of a cane, and planning to wear a bathing suit throughout the whole thing (hard core).

Now I have a beloved road bike, a super sweet tri kit, some triathlons under my belt,Β  and the CAR blog mafia on my side. I also have a wetsuit that I’m praying nonstop to be allowed to wear because, well, some things haven’t changed, and I’m going to have to fight the mind fuck that is being pulled out of this lake once before.

You want them on your side.

Can I do it? To quote the bard, I think I can.

No, I’m pretty sure I can. And I’m very much looking forward to making up for that ugly mark on my racing history.

As far as that first race, well, I’ve never been back to do another one, but I did go on to blow the marathon times of my captain out of the water, though she’s a lovely woman, and I would never say I was exacting revenge on her. But there is something deeply gratifying about running way faster than an Eagle.


10 responses to this post.

  1. Wait, I can’t wear my bathing suit the whole time? FFF.

    I’m very excited for this weekend!


  2. People need to stop posting pictures of katie’s abs online. They’re mesmerizing.

    Oh, and good luck this weekend πŸ™‚ I am excited for your first Oly!!


  3. Go get em Tiger! I can’t wait to hear how the Mafia and their sig/others do! I also can’t wait to see pictures of you all Rocking it out in the new Tri Gear! You will OWN this Tri, you have been rocking out like no tomorrow!


  4. Good luck! Revenge is good. I plan on someday taking revenge on the Baltimore marathon and it will be sweet.


  5. An eye for an eye, to quote the bard! You are going to nail it!


  6. Posted by Amy on August 5, 2011 at 1:39 pm

    You’re ready, you’re psyched, you’ll be well dressed/outfitted – all signs that you’re going to kill it. Can’t wait to be out there with you!


  7. Good luck girl!


  8. So, when do we get to read a report…? πŸ˜€




  10. […] folks, you were right. Thanks in no small part to your encouragement and the awesome support of most of my favorite […]


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