Three Things Thursday

1. Tuesday was my biggest viewership day ever. Even bigger than when Pacers retweeted my monkey post. If I had known doing an Olympic tri would catapult me to blogger stardom, I would have done one sooner! (No, I wouldn’t have.)

2. The downside of pushing yourself as hard as you possibly can in a triathlon? Your suppressed immune system allows all that lake bacteria to climb into your brain and give you a wicked head cold. I’ve been stuck in lethargy limbo since Monday, but my boss is on vacation, so I keep going into work. I think I’m going to go home today though. You win this round, cold.

3. In what can only be described as a shocking development, I kind of liked the swim on Sunday, and now I’m feeling motivated to improve it. Granted this was a small race, but I was 14th on the swim in my AG, but 4th on the bike and 3rd on the run. Yeah, talk about imbalance. As I told the CAR blog mafia, I can finally see now how people might get addicted to this sport… It only took 4 tris! Ha! Tris!


6 responses to this post.

  1. You have bacteria in your brain? Is that how a head cold works?

    I’m totally imbalanced too, but actually better on the swim than the bike. I’ll work on it with you, sometime after the National Marathon. I’ll be ready to jump back into tris by then.


  2. Only 4 Tris? πŸ™‚ Sorry you have a cold. Sounds like it was well worth it though!


  3. *cough refreshed the page 200 times cough cough*

    also, YOU PUNNED. hopefully not in the nude. it’s rude.


  4. Yes! Swimming is fun!

    I hope you’re still friends with the little people now that you’re blogger-FAMOUS!


  5. I will swim with you if you can help me out on the bike! πŸ˜‰ That’s definitely my weak link. And I have yet to really fall in love with tris, but I have only done 2. Maybe after 2 more I’ll be hooked.


  6. What? Did they tell you you couldn’t be part of the Mafia if you didn’t blog more? haha! Great fun with the pun!


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