Three Things Thursday

1. I came into work today to find an email from our CEO closing the office tomorrow! It’s a Labor Day miracle! Wes has already agreed to take the day off with me. This year I pushed my vacation back to September (well, and November and December, and maybe another small one in January), and I’m feeling BURNT OUT in a big way. But this long weekend will be just the thing I need to power through to the the end of the month, when I will get a week’s worth of rest.

2. My good hip is bothering me. I know, right? I’m going to blame it on my intense ramp-up in mileage (0-20) and back down a bit and go from there. The good news is that I’m running as fast as ever, and I’m still 10 weeks from my race!

3. I tried to sign up for drum lessons this week, but then I found out they were in Chantilly. Chantilly is far, son. But if anyone knows any drummers who give lessons in the close-in DC area (ok, Maryland is out too), let me know. And in other music news, almost all my favorite bands are releasing CDs in the next few weeks. That includes Ben Folds Five! I cried when I found out about that. Ben Folds Five is my absolute, A#1 favorite band of all time. They are the reason I love music, and I think you could argue the reason that my life partner is a musician. My biggest regret is never getting to see them play live (I was too young–and as the oldest child my mom wouldn’t let me have any fun), so I’m hoping that they decide to play out a few more times now. And now, before this post gets too weird and I tell you how I chased Ben down the streets of NYC, I’ll stop.


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  1. Are you advertising for Sears on your blog now? Also, Wes has to know someone who will teach you to play the drums, right? If not, maybe my neighbors will do it. They play at all hours of the night.


  2. Drum lessons? That seems like a well rounded hobby line-up of running, knitting, reading, banging on things. FUN!


  3. I think you should tell the story of how you chased him down the streets of NYC.


  4. I got to see Ben Folds open for Tori Amos nearly 10 years ago. It was just him without the band and he was awesome. Also, we are both in musical heaven because one of my favorite all-time bands, Red Hot Chili Peppers, also released a new CD this week. They haven’t released anything since 2006 so I waited a long time for this. Yay music! As for the drum lessons– I live in Chantilly and will happily take those lessons on your behalf and teach you!


  5. drum lessons? my old roommate joey is a drummer. he teaches at sandburg. but really, drum lessons?


  6. I saw Ben Folds Five in college! They came to my campus for something, maybe Homecoming. Given that my 10 year college reunion is next year (eek!), it was a while ago. But a good time. 🙂


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