Random Friday Facts

1. I don’t have to work today!

2. I had 144 page views on Monday. That’s a lot for me (up from like 8). I have no idea why.

3. To steal a fact shamelessly from Emily, I used to–and still sometimes do–bite my nails. It’s anxiety based, and putting nasty-tasting stuff on my nails just made me chew harder and wonder what was on my nails. (And when I was in Portland last year this woman at a bar kept coming up to me and telling me how nasty and disgusting I was being biting my nails. Lady, making me uncomfortable is NOT the best way to get me to stop.)

4. I’ll tell you guys the Ben Folds story sometime, but rest assured I have seen Ben himself play many many times. Except I think his newest music blows. I have a lot of strong feelings on the subject.

5. I’m going to see Darren Jessee, the BF5 drummer, on Sunday night, if anyone wants to join me. The music is great, and last time he held he door for me!

6. I have no formal training whatsoever as an editor. I had no idea my job even existed until I landed it. But I love it–reading for 40 hours a week is a sweet gig.

7. I don’t know why I never went to law school though.

8. When I was a kid, I aspired to be a yuppie. True story. I’m pretty sure I’ve made it, law school or not.

9. I can’t sit through movies.

10. I can, however, sit through hours and hours of TV on DVD. I just need the breaks between episodes.

11. I’ve known how to crochet since I was a kid, and I’m learning how to knit (and won’t stop talking about it), but I think things made of yarn are ugly.

12. My cousin, who is five months younger than me, just had her third kid this morning. That blows my mind.

13. My sister and I never got along as kids. Now we’re besties.

14. If I could be any kitchen utensil, I would be a Ninja. Because I would be a ninja, plus I could make smoothies!

15. As I told Liz last week, I’ve never been a bridesmaid. I was a flower girl twice, but that was a looooooooong time ago. Never a bridesmaid, never a bride.

16. This is my 198th post. What should I do for my 200th?


9 responses to this post.

  1. I’m with you on the movies. It drives Lauren crazy because going to the movies is like her favorite thing ever. TV series for hours though, I’ve got that down.


  2. That’s awesome you have the day off. I bite my nails too and I enjoy it. It grosses other people out, though, so I try not to do it in public. Isn’t it awful when your favorite musician goes downhill or “sells out”? I feel that way about Jason Mraz. I used to be obsessed with him, but once he released his 2008 CD I lost a lot of respect.


  3. mindless blog memes! RFF takes over the world! want to come swimming at wilson at 1:30 with Amy R & I?


  4. My mom used to give us money as a kind of bribe to visit or go out with my sisters. Now we’re all really good friends and we still milk the family-bonding fund πŸ™‚


  5. I wish I had a clue what music you were talking about. πŸ™‚

    I don’t know what made me stop biting my nails, but I did. Now I just rip them off.

    I love things made of yarn, I wish I still had the orange poncho my grandma made me when I was little.

    Being a Yuppie is okay, just don’t cross the line to Yuppie-Scum.


  6. I sometimes bite my nails but more often than not just pick at them. It’s just as gross I think and I always end up doing it during Monday morning meetings…

    Isn’t it crazy when people your same age have a zoo of kids? My best friend from grade school has 4 kids. We aren’t even 30 yet?!?!?

    This Ninja you speak of intrigues me, I must go learn about it and buy one.


  7. I’m the same way with movies & TV shows. The movie just seems like such a commitment, even though I’ll probably end up watching the shows for just as long!


  8. i’m a nail picker. never did figure out how to bite them. sometimes i can sit through a movie… but even then i usually get bored/antsy. tv on netflix is great – don’t have to wait for commercials so the show only takes 20 minutes or 45minutes instead of 30/60.

    being a BM is expensive…


  9. I’d be a VITAMIX. The power, baby!

    I bite my nails, though not all the time. Ironically, most often when I am watching tv or movie (which is actually extremely rare). Also, when I am driving/riding in a car. Alcohol definitely increases the chances.

    I want to be an editor! I want to read all week!


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