Random Friday Facts

1. This is my 199th post. I had to throw something up here so I can recap my T2 runners running MCM as my 200th. It’s a big deal!

2. I thought A LOT about making my 200th post the one in which I officially retire from blogging. But then Katie introduced me to Get Off My Internets, and I realized I’m not alone in all the things I hate about the blog world.

3. And don’t get me wrong, of course there are many blogs I love and friends I’ve made through this one that keep it worthwhile. But I think a lot of healthy-living bloggers have eating disorders. And if I listened to my body as much as they seem to, I would probably just sit on the couch about 20 hours a day.

4. Though I totes listened to my body this morning and slept through my tempo workout. (I’m lazy.)

5. In case you hadn’t noticed, my facts aren’t random. They can’t be! I’m not a computer.

6. I just looked something up in the AP Stylebook so I could comment about it on another blog.

7. I know how hard it is to keep posts completely error-free and that typos happen to everyone. But goddammit, how hard is it to use the right word?

8. I’m kind of sad that I’m not running a marathon on Sunday. But I’m glad that I can skip workouts when I want! (See #4.)

9. Though I’m signed up for a lot of races in 2012. That’s what 6 months free of injury will do to a girl.

10. Has anyone else noticed that That Thing You Do! is on the radio in stores all the time now? No? Just me?

11. I almost bought a house last month. Then I had a lot of panic attacks about it and let it go.

12. I just took a break from typing this to register for another spring race.

13. I went rock climbing last night! It wasn’t as fun as I remember it being.

14. I’m going to be Katniss Everdeen for Halloween. I’ve been waiting to be her for a year! It’s the one reason I’m glad I’m not doing a marathon on Sunday.

15. Good luck to everyone racing this weekend! I’ll be out at mile 11 and 16 of MCM and cheering loudly for you!


6 responses to this post.

  1. Whoa! A long-awaited post! 🙂

    I TOTALLY wanted to be Katniss for Halloween this year and even did a practice braid the other day to make sure it could work… and then I realized I didn’t have anything else for the costume. Can you include pics as part of your MCM recap? Thanks!


  2. That’s such a good costume idea!
    If you like GOMI, you should also read the organic onion.


  3. I need to sign up for some 2012 races. I am committed to absolutely nothing after January 8.

    Missed you this morning, but I’m glad that you and your body enjoyed some extra sleep!


  4. Posted by Elizabeth on October 29, 2011 at 5:49 am

    Dont stop blogging! I do agree that a lot of bloggers seem to have eating disorders, and this is coming from someone who actually did have an eating disorder in her early 20’s. But anyway, i will be cheering tomorrow too. Hope to see you!


  5. I tried to look at GOMI and I’m going to admit I’m too old to understand it. Whatever. I checked out St. Luke’s, looks beautiful! Speaking of eating disorders, I just opened the ginormous bag of Halloween candy I got from Costco. I hope there’s some left when the kids get here! See you out there tomorrow, Good luck with your team!!


  6. I missed this on Friday! I love all 10 of these things. I also love how GOMI seems to exist inside our e-mail threads, all 9456989 of them.


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